A global community committed to working together on humanity's greatest challenges

Civana’s global community of thinkers and doers creates products and programs for movements, communities, and multi-stakeholder initiatives looking to maximize their impact in the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We exist to foster a community ecosystem of all stakeholders working towards our thriving future.

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Civana is building tools communities have long needed

For Civana’s first product offering, we are bringing together the best minds and hearts we can find in something we call Project 17. Its mission: to build and give to the world a digital community and collaboration platform that pushes our technology to its furthest extent, for good.

It is being designed to deliver on SDG 17’s call to action to “mobilize and share knowledge, expertise, technology and financial resources”. We approach this as a moonshot mission to intelligently connect thousands of global initiatives into an interwoven collective effort.

Open source, highly extensible, and iterative, it can develop as its users’ needs dictate. Version 1 is already here. The roadmap, stretching to 2030 and beyond, includes knowledge-driven AI, smart contracts, and personal data and design innovations, and features as yet unimaginable.

The Platform Ecosystem Includes

Purpose built to facilitate cooperation to achieve SDG 17.


The League of
Extraordinary Communities

We study communities. We believe that in order to deliver on our collective commitments the most efficient and effective models we come across should be formalized, replicated and scaled. Based on these models, we are developing training and experiential opportunities for the people and organizations dedicating their time and resources for the common good.

The League of Extraordinary Communities is the first phase of our programs, as a community accelerator which identifies and supports communities of great potential working on societal challenges.

Initial League Members

Apply to become a Founding Member of the Civana community

We're looking for community managers, designers, developers, funders, creatives and others committed to working together on humanity's greatest challenges. Would you like to join us? Please apply here.

How We're Structured

Civana is a US Foundation (501c3) that develops and distributes products and programs as public goods. We are developing a model of a platform cooperative, through Swiss cooperative law, which will enable a global shared ownership structure of the tools.

Who We Are

Our launch team has long-dedicated their careers to sustainability, and enabling multi-stakeholder
communities through technology and collaboration science.

Lucian Tarnowski

  • 10 years’ experience designing online communities with BraveNew.com.
  • Member of the World Economic Forum's Young Global Leader community.
  • Secretary of Take Heart Foundation supporting vocational employment training initiatives in India for 15 years.
  • Speaker around the world on future of community, collaboration and cooperation at gatherings such as Davos, TEDx, The China Digital Summit, Impact Summit and for companies such as Deutsche Telekom, Coca-Cola, Oracle, Pearson, IBM and PWC.

Master Burnett

  • Seven years experience working with multi-stakeholder initiative communities as Director of Strategy at BraveNew.com.
  • 20+ years experience as a management consultant focused on organizational capability and capacity planning.
  • Former Instructor in the College of Business at San Francisco State University.
  • Global speaker/trainer on a variety of human resource management subjects with experience in 46 countries.

Alden Bevington

  • 22 years experience as a serial social entrepreneur, advisor, & co-producer on sustainability initiatives.
  • Designed application innovations for grid-computed ai, P2P social networking, global synchronized meditations, & zooming user interfaces.
  • Co-authored The Open Collaboration Encyclopedia, the germinal 630-page intro to the field.
  • Hangs out with the old guard who built the internet, open source code gurus, leading lights in cyber policy and security, & early pioneers in the ecology movement.

Natalia Vega-Berry

  • 25+ years of combined experience in Advertising, Global Advocacy and Social Impact.
  • Founder of The Global Brain, creating strategic projects in initiatives in support of the UN efforts on climate change and SDGs.
  • Named by United Nations Media for Social Impact Summit one of the “Top 10 Most influential Media and Communications Executives of 2016”.
  • Founder of the World Ocean Festival in support of the UN Ocean Conference 2017.
  • Executive Producer for Ad Campaigns “Fortune 100” companies: Samsung, P&G, Unilever among others.
  • Storyteller, systems thinker and practitioner of “solo” retreats in the wilderness.

Terry Mollner, Board Member

  • One of the creators of the first comprehensive set of screens for socially responsible investing (SRI).
  • Founder of Calvert Social Investment Funds, the largest family of ethical funds, with $13 billion currently under management. He sits on Calvert’s board.
  • Negotiated deal with Unilever to save Ben & Jerry’s from takeover and sat on Board until 2018.
  • Founder and President of The Trusteeship Institute, a think tank and consulting firm in economic and social development.

Amaryllis Fox, Board Member

  • Former CIA Clandestine Service Officer, writer, and peace activist.
  • Author of book Pretending
  • Documentary filmmaker
  • Worked with the Burmese democracy movement. Interviewed Aung San Suu Kyi for the BBC.
  • Graduate of Law at Oxford University and Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service. There she developed an algorithm to predict terrorist activity.
  • Founder of Mulu, an e-commerce company supporting at-risk communities around the world.
  • Ran consumer products for Twitter’s e-commerce business between 2014-2015.

10 Principles

Community- Realizing Our Collective Potential

Joy- Make It Fun

Sincerity- Really Mean It

Service- In Giving, We Receive

Inclusion- Open To All

Legacy- Our Descendants Have Rights

Kindness- Do From Love

Regeneration- Leave Better Than You Found

Reciprocity- Positivity Begets Positivity

Wisdom- Discernment Of Truth